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[MOL] Some very good articles for cancer patients....


Planning for Battle: Cut of Enemy Supply Lines
by: Michael Guthrie, R. Ph.

In this series we are following the strategies laid out in the book 'A Cancer Battle Plan', by Anne and David Frähm. Specifically the strategies are as follows: know your enemy, cut off enemy supply lines, rebuild your natural defense system, bring in reinforcements, maintain morale, and, finally, carefully select your professional help.

We pick up here with 'cut off enemy supply lines'. This is where complementary modalities for cancer become intriguing. Many of these modalities take advantage of the fact that cancer cells have unique biochemical characteristics. Rather than destroying all rapidly growing cells (which is basically what chemotherapy and radiation do), these programs use 'Trojan horse' techniques to capitalize on the weakness of the cancer cells themselves. For example, unlike nearly every other cell, cancer cells depend on glucose for survival. Please visit the complementary therapies/dietary necessities section of canceroption.com for more on the specifics. Basically, by eliminating simple sugars, one can 'stress' cancer cells by creating an internal environment that is adverse to their survival.


A Psychological Look at Cancer
by: Dr. Douglas Brodie, M.D

There are psychological aspects and influences which affect virtually every disease known to man, and cancer is certainly no exception. How one deals with stress has been shown to be an important factor in the development of illness and the body's response to that illness.

It has been my observation over the years that nearly all cancer victims have had a highly stressful event, or series of events prior to the onset or diagnosis of cancer. This major stress usually precedes the diagnosis of cancer by about 2 years, and it is often something beyond the cancer patient's control, such as the loss of a loved one or loss of a business.


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Planning for Battle: Rebuilding Your Natural Defenses

Many argue that cancer is primarily a failure of our own defense system. This is not without merit. In the third part of this series, we will address this theory (immune surveillance hypothesis) and the relevance of our body's immune system in fighting immunological diseases.

In the News!!

Melanoma Treatment May Prolong Life

Adding an immune system booster to chemotherapy might double the chances of some advanced melanoma patients surviving the skin cancer, new research suggests.

Dr. Susan Love to Announce Cancer-Research Breakthrough

Oct. 19 at the Westin Hotel in Providence, Dr. Susan Love will announce research that has led to a testing device the can detect pre-cancerous cells up to eight years earlier than conventional mammography.

New Breast Cancer Treatment "Cooks" Tumors

A new treatment for breast cancer now in preliminary trials in Texas might eliminate the need for many breast cancer patients to have their tumors surgically removed.

House Approves Breast Cancer Bill

The House on Thursday approved and sent to President Clinton a bill to help low-income uninsured women get treatment for breast cancer.

Male Breast Cancer - Get Informed!

Breast Cancer does not only happen to women. The recently launched BreastCancerOption.com also includes information about male breast cancer. This section is devoted to educating men of all ages about breast cancer.
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