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[MOL] Myelodysplasia and treatment for high Iron levels

Hi everyone,
I am writing on behalf of my father who has had Myelodysplasia for some four
years now.  During this time he has been taking regular blood transfusions.
We have now been told that this has caused a dangerous buildup of iron in
his system.  The recommended treatment is to have a different kind of
transfusion every *day* which takes perhaps eight hours per day.

Has anyone any information as to this treatment?  I would dearly like to
know :
How did the patient feel about the treatment (any downside to this procedure
in terms of discomfort, inconvenience etc);
How long this procedure actually does take (is it really eight hours);
In practice, can you take breaks from the treatment?  Does it have to be
every day?
I would really appreciate any information which anyone may have on this
particular treatment for Myelodysplasia.
Many thanks in advance,
Steve Quayle.

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