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Just wanted to welcome you to this forum although wish it wasn't for this reason. You are from my neck of the woods--fairly close. I'm from Everest Ks- 20 miles west of Atchison, KS. My very best girlfriend grew up in Albany, MO and I've gone there with her several times.    Some of the more knowlegable members will  give you the info you are seeking but all of us will offer you our support and prayers. This hard journey is definitely made somewhat easier with friends and support.  Keep us posted.    With Love & Prayers    Pat Kimmi-KS
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From: eldridge112
Sent: Saturday, October 14, 2000 7:51 PM
Subject: [MOL] GBM 4

 In September 2000, my 64 year old mother in law had a craniotomy removing a 5 centimeter tumor from the left side of her brain--it has been diagnosed as GBM 4.  She will commence radiation treatments in two weeks.  She has lived a risk free life--non-smoking, non-drinking.  Had breast cancer last year, with a total mastectomy (left) with chemotherapy ending in February, 2000. 
We have not received a formal prognosis--she meets with her oncologist on Oct 19th, however, we know BGM 4 has been defined as 'uniformly terminal' for all age groups and life expectancy beyond 2 years for her age group is less than 5%. 
Looking for alternative treatment options or any promising new treatments that might give more hope.
Jim Eldridge
Kearney, Missouri