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Re: [MOL] GBM 4

Dear Jim,

  My mother has been suffering from the same disease as your mother-in-law. She is young as well, just turned 50. Your understanding of the disease's severity is realistic, unfortunately, but I would hope that your mother in law falls into the luckier few. Someone has to, you know. She has lived a healthy lifestyle. It is also true that no doctor can tell you how long she will live. Only our maker Himself knows that. My mom went to a teaching hospital, UCLA for alternative therapies. While we were first in line for an immunotherapy trial that sounded very promising (autologous dendritic cell immunotherapy), we were dropped off the list at the last minute. I have also heard of many other good trials out there, including anti-angiogenesis factors, and new chemo combos for brain tumors. I am not sure if Interferon is beneficial in the brain, but it may be worth your time to check into that. My theory is that if we are empolying our own wonderful bodie's natural ways of invading these tumor cells, we are on the right path. I believe that curing this disease lies somewhere in immunotherapy  or the other ways that the body naturally sets up surveillence to find and destroy cancer cells, this includes such naturally occurring immune-boosting chemicals as interleukin-2 and interferon, I am just not sure which of these get through the blood-brain barrier. This is the major obsactle we encounter in brain tumors. Our brains are TOO protected. We can't even get our own defenses in. Let me know what you decide to try out-there is so much going on out there for trials, and I am very interested. Keep a good attitude and let it be contagious to your mother-in-law and your wife. It is the best medicine . LisaFix

eldridge112 wrote:

 In September 2000, my 64 year old mother in law had a craniotomy removing a 5 centimeter tumor from the left side of her brain--it has been diagnosed as GBM 4.  She will commence radiation treatments in two weeks.  She has lived a risk free life--non-smoking, non-drinking.  Had breast cancer last year, with a total mastectomy (left) with chemotherapy ending in February, 2000. We have not received a formal prognosis--she meets with her oncologist on Oct 19th, however, we know BGM 4 has been defined as 'uniformly terminal' for all age groups and life expectancy beyond 2 years for her age group is less than 5%. Looking for alternative treatment options or any promising new treatments that might give more hope. Jim EldridgeKearney, Missouri