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[MOL] Depression May Be Obstacle to Breast Cancer Treatment

Thought this might be of interest...love and prayers, Joicy

Depression May Be Obstacle to Breast Cancer Treatment
    [10/13/2000; Reuters News Service]

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Women who are depressed are
more likely to refuse chemotherapy following breast cancer
surgery, putting them at increased risk of death, Italian researchers
report. Only about 51% of depressed patients opted for chemotherapy
following surgery to remove a breast tumor, compared with about
92% of women who were not depressed, according to the report
in the October 14th issue of The Lancet. The findings suggest
that treating depression might help to extend the lives of women
with breast cancer who also suffer from depression. ``There is
evidence that depression is related to a reduced chance of survival
in breast cancer patients,'' Dr. Marco Colleoni from the European
Institute of Oncology in Milan and the study's lead author, told
Reuters Health. ``Therefore, psychological support and treatment
of depression might be very important to improve the rate of
acceptance of chemotherapy and possibly the prognosis of these

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