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[MOL] Less Than Optimal Breast Cancer Care Risky

Elderly women are particularly at risk, it seems...love and prayers, Joicy


Less Than Optimal Breast Cancer Care Risky
    [10/13/2000; Reuters News Service]

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Women who fail to get
``gold standard'' care for breast cancer are twice as likely
to die over 5 years compared with other patients. Older women
are at particular risk since they are often under-treated for
breast cancer, researchers report. In a study of nearly 500 breast
cancer patients, investigators found that about one quarter of
the women received care that did not meet guidelines. These women
were 70% more likely to have their cancer recur and more than
twice as likely to die as those who received guideline care. Lead
study author Dr. Timothy L. Lash told Reuters Health that because
treatment decisions are complex, these findings do not mean the
women were treated inappropriately. However, he said, one of
the persistent problems in breast cancer treatment is that elderly
women often do not get aggressive treatment.

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