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[MOL] FYI - from Chris (from AOL site)

Lymphoma Patient Educational Forum to Be Broadcast Live Online This Weekend
Lymphoma Research Foundation of America & Healthology to Webcast Latest   
Research & Support Information Forum to Lymphoma Community Via   

NEW YORK, Oct. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- On October 14 and 15 (Saturday and Sunday), 
the Lymphoma Research Foundation of America's (LRFA) Fifth Annual Patient 
Educational Forum on Lymphoma will be webcast live on 
http://www.lymphomafocus.org, announced Donna Shu, LRFA 
(http://www.lymphoma.org) Executive Director, and Steven Haimowitz, M.D., 
Healthology, Inc. (http://www.healthology.com) President and CEO. 

Patients, families and physicians will be able to choose from a wide 
selection of live webcast programs featured at the Brooklyn event.  Forum 
guests include top lymphoma specialists, noted authors, and experts in pain 
management and patient support issues from institutions across the United 
States.  These live webcasts will include medical presentations on diagnosis, 
treatment options and clinical trials. 

A special panel has been assembled to discuss cutting-edge research on 
lymphoma.  Breakout sessions for patients and caregivers will address 
effective doctor-patient communication, efficient on and offline information 
researching tips, strategies for optimal living, relaxation & spirituality, 
nutrition, and pain and fatigue management.  Natalie Robins, noted author and 
non-Hodgkin's lymphoma survivor, will deliver the keynote address on Sunday. 

"This forum presents an opportunity for patients and caregivers to learn 
about the latest advances in lymphoma research and treatment while offering 
patients and loved ones a chance to share their experience in a supportive 
and interactive atmosphere," says Donna Shu, LRFA's executive director. 

LRFA's educational website, http://www.lymphomafocus.org, is designed for 
both patients and health professionals.  It includes both live and archived 
webcasts of recorded interviews, medical presentations from various venues 
and original, informative articles. 

The Lymphoma Research Foundation of America was formed to promote and support 
high quality research resulting in more effective treatments and the ultimate 
cure for lymphoma.  Scientists believe that finding the cure for lymphoma 
will help open the door to finding cures for many other cancers including 
those of the breast, prostate, colon, and lung.  LRFA was founded in 1991 by 
Ellen Glesby Cohen, who passed away earlier this year.  Her experience 
battling non-Hodgkin's lymphoma led her to fully appreciate the pressing need 
for better and safer cancer treatments.  Over the years, the Foundation has 
put together a significant group of concerned business and community leaders 
and lymphoma specialists who are dedicated to supporting research.  To date, 
LRFA has given close to $3 million dollars to fund 92 medical research 
projects at cancer centers and universities across the country. 

Healthology offers the entire video webcast series to media organizations as 
well as all health or medical websites interested in making it available to 
their online audiences to answer questions about the treatment and advances 
in lymphoma.  This series stands as a comprehensive resource for patients, 
families, and physicians and other healthcare professionals.  Those 
organizations interested in this webcast or past ones in the series video 
webcasts on other medical and healthcare topics from the Healthology Library 
of Video Webcasts can contact Healthology's Corporate Communications 
Department at 212-760-4359 or by sending an email to: 

Healthology, Inc., is a privately held New York-based online health media 
company.  By utilizing its extensive network of health professionals, 
Healthology develops high quality, online health content on a variety of 
health and medical topics.  Healthology is a leading producer of streaming 
audio and video webcast programming that is broadcast live and on-demand and 
provides consumers with direct access to top medical experts.  Healthology's 
content was described as the "closest thing to a good bedside manner on the 
Web" when it was recently recognized in Forbes'  "Best of the Web" issue. 
Healthology distributes its original content through its own website and the 
sites of distribution partners by co-branding, re-branding, and licensing 
arrangements.  Contact Healthology at http://healthology.com, 
info@healthology or 212-431-5100. 

SOURCE  Healthology, Inc. 
CO:  Healthology, Inc. 
ST:  New York 
10/13/2000 16:23 EDT http://www.prnewswire.com 
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