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[MOL] From chris - a Halloween game!

 <A HREF="http://www.mysterynet.com/Halloween/host.shtml">Mystery Books</A> 

This is a free download for a Halloween mystery game from MysteryNet.com.  
The game's value price is $25.

Hollywood Halloween
A Host a Mystery Game
by Hy Conrad
Anyone can slip on a costume. This year, MysteryNet invites you to gather 
your friends, get into character, and play A Hollywood Halloween, 
MysteryNet’s first Host a Mystery game. 

In this role-playing game for eight, you and your friends play the guests and 
business associates of Geraldo Springer, a TV muckraker whose annual 
Halloween special is always a sensation. No one knows what macabre 
revelations Geraldo had in store for this year: It’s always a surprise. Only 
this Halloween, Geraldo gets more than he bargained for, and the shocking 
surprise is his own gruesome murder. The show is cancelled, and you and 
Geraldo’s other guests are herded into the green room. It seems that one of 
you has a secret worth killing for. 

As you and the other suspects question each other, secrets will be revealed, 
hidden agendas will be exposed, and a killer will be unmasked.

Who murdered Geraldo in his dressing room? Was it his loyal assistant? His 
producer and business partner? Or a fortune-seeking guest?

The murderer might even be you! Play the game today, and throw a Halloween 
party your friends will love. 

Download everything you need to host a murder, – – free!

Then print and play--it’s that easy.
This Host a Mystery game contains:
Host Kit with instructions and party ideas
Character Booklets with profiles, secrets to keep,
and questions to ask
Secret Clues to read during the game 

Cast of Characters 

Faith Loyola: Geraldo’s personal assistant. 
Jimmy Schlock: Geraldo’s producer and partner. 
Yvonne Defargo: A fading Hollywood star. 
Crystal LaSeer: A middle-aged psychic. 
Stephen Queen: A world-famous author of horror novels. 
Sissy Arvee: A sweet, ordinary divorcee. 
Mandrake Mesmer: America’s unofficial Halloween mascot. 
Norman Hedwich: The head warlock of a local witches’ coven. 

What People Are Saying

“I just played this with a group of friends. What a blast! The characters 
were really funny, everyone had a secret to hide, and I loved trying to piece 
together the mystery from everyone’s conversation. I definitely recommend 
this for a Halloween party.”
“This was my first time playing one of these mystery games. It was so easy to 
get started, and everyone got into their roles right away!”

More Information on PDFs

You need the most recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to properly use the 
mystery game. 

PDFs are electronic documents that preserve the fonts and formatting of any 
document, regardless of the software and computer used to create it. You can 
read PDF documents online, or you can print them to read away from your 
computer. PDF files can be opened by anyone who installs a free copy of the 
Adobe Acrobat Reader. 

If you don’t have the Acrobat Reader, follow these simple steps to install 
the program on your computer. The program is about 5-7 megabytes, and takes 
about five minutes to install. 

Host a Mystery games are viewable in secure PDF format on Windows 95/98/NT 
4.0 (and 2000). 

First, download the Adobe Acrobat Reader from Adobe’s website. 

1. Click on the Get Acrobat Reader icon. 
2. Fill out the information about your computer and click the download icon. 
3. When prompted, save the reader to your hard drive. 

Next, install the acrobat reader on your system. 

4. Close all applications that are running on your computer, including your 
internet browser. 
5. Open Reader, and follow the instructions on your screen to install.

You’re ready to go!
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