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[MOL] Earn $500 by tomorrow morning !

My Million Dollar Publishing Company can now be yours! 

I will show you how to make $300, $400, $500 or more by tomorrow 9 a.m.

What you get:

Over 2000 manuals, reports and books with full reprint right!

All my sales letters, ads and complete advertising portfolio!

My "Award Winning" pre-built website!

The Book - The Magic Sales Letters - A complete guide and secrets of getting people to buy what you are selling NOW.

Stealth Mass Mailer and unlock code generator for sending your email letters (comes with full resell rights) Bonus offer

40 Million fresh email addresses on CD.Bonus offer

Checker Software- allows you to accept checks by fax and print using your printer.Bonus offer

100 Bulk friendly Level I smtp relays: Allow you to send bulk email without using your local ISP.Bonus offer

Access to over $5000 in software, tips, tricks and links to help make you money so fast, your head will spin.

Address Rover - Extract fresh targeted email addresses daily! Bonus offer

Access to our database of over 1,000,000 opt-in email addresses. Send your ad "spam free" to these people who "want" to recieve your offer.

If you ever wanted "the easy way out" to make a lot of money with a business of your own.... Here is the EASIEST WAY TO START! 

For the past few years...I've been running ads in newspapers & magazines, by direct mail, and throughout the internet. These ads were always small and very cheap... On these ads, we have been selling little manuals. These manuals have sold for anywhere between $10 to $99 each. We always ran different ads for each manual we were selling. ( As seen on TV )

You've all probably seen those late night "place tiny ads" info commercials. Well, they really do work! I've spent years building a successful publishing business, enjoyed the good life, but now I am ready to retire ( at age 39) and share the wealth with a others.

The program runs directly from the CD-ROM itself, which means no installation is necessary at all. All I ask for is a one time cost of... $199.00 and I will include FREE Priority Mail Shipping! 

Yes, I said $199.00 There are no zeros missing. Plus if you order before Nov. 1st, I will include 5 extra special bonuses...

I will let you in on a little SECRET ! I normally sell each one of these for $199.00 each and GET IT!.

Bonus #1 - 40 Million email address on CD. These are the latest opportunity seeks, MLM and home business seekers on the net. Email marketing is the most reponsive form of advertising today. ( $299 value )

Bonus #2 - Stealth Mass Mailer: Will send at a rate of 150,000 email addresses per hour and keep your isp from shutting you down. Also comes with complete resell rights and unlock code generator ( $399 value )

Bonus #3 - Address Rover: Will allow you to extract your own email addresses from the internet. Great for mailing your ads to or creating your email lists to sell. ( $249.99 value )

Bonus #4 - Checker: Accept checks by fax or email software. This software allows you to accept and print checks by fax or email. Can increase your order rate by 500% ( $299.00 value ) 

Bonus#5 - 100 Bulk friendly Level I relays. These are servers you can send your mail through, so you don't lose your local dialup account. ($300 value)

The manuals are written, the ads are presented, the advertising plan is laid out, the software is ready, the email addresses are given to you and all you have to do is put the program into action and start making the MONEY! 

Do it today! 

Rush me your payment of $199.00 right now...and get your very own MILLION DOLLAR Publishing Company going! You can start with one or two manuals...even the day you receive the package...and then expand to include ALL of them! YES, you can make $500 by tomorrow morning!

Here's just a few TESTIMONIALS we have received. .. 

I recieved my "Million Dollar Publishing Company" package 3 weeks ago. I sent out an ad the next day to 50,000 people using your free stealth e-mailer. Within 4 days I recieved responses from over 1000 people interested in one of the manuals and within 2 weeks recieved 60 orders, for a total of $1200.00 . This has been the easiest money I have ever made. Thank you!! - Murice Manns , Kansas City, MO

"My husband and I have tried unsuccessfully for three years to market products on the internet. In less than 30 days after receiving your program were receiving a steady cash flow everyday." Thanks you so much! - Phylis and Marty Rueben, Clearwater, FL

I have always had alot of resistance buying anything online. However I ordered your program and it has completly changed my life 100%. Instead of working for someone else, I work for myself now. What a feeling to watch actual checks for $20 each roll of my printer. " Thank you and God bless!!! 
- Barbara Thomas, Seattle WA


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[ ] YES! Please rush my MILLION DOLLAR Publishing Company on 2 CD's! 

I understand I have FULL REPRINT rights and can sell any of the items for whatever price I desire. 

[ ] I am ordering before Nov. 1st 2000! Please include the 5 extra special bonuses! 

* We accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex by phone, email or fax 
( You can also pay by debit card from your checking account )

Call us at 1-503-330-9052 today!(8am to 5pm Pacific Time)
Email us at: DirectEmail2@netscape.net

* Order online via secure link (Call or write for URL) 

* Mail Order: Simply fill out the EZ order form with your credit card information, or enclose a check or money order.

Mail to:

G-force Marketing
16055 SW Walker Rd. #236
Beaverton, OR 97006

Please note: There is a 10 to 14 day hold on all personal checks, money orders are processed within 24 hours. 

Thank You! 

(All orders shipped out priority mail on 2-Disc package)
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