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Subject:	The One and Only Quiz

The ONE & ONLY Quiz 
See if you can name any or all of these "Only(s)."
1.	The only animal whose testimony is allowed in a court of law? 
2.	The only continent without mold or mildew? 
3.	The only fruit with seeds that grow on the outside? 
4.	The only state where houseflies cannot live? 
5.	The only woman to win two Nobel prizes? 
6.	The only movie cowboy who always ordered milk at the bar? 
7.	The only president with his name inscribed on a plaque left on the moon? 
8.	The only armed force which requires its soldiers to change their name and date of birth? 
9.	The only other creatures apart from humans that go into ballet in formation? 
10.	The only big cat that cannot retract its claws? 
11.	The only crime mentioned in the U.S. Constitution? 
12.	The only product named after the U.S. Patent Office? 
13.	The only planet in the solar system that rotates clockwise? 
14.	The only person that can give another person a skin graft? 
15.	The only continent without any glaciers? 
16.	Apart from humans, the only animals that can learn to stand on their heads? 
17.	The only mammal that cannot jump? 
18.	The only musical instrument native to the U.S? 
19.	The only word in the English language pronounced the same after the last 4 letters are dropped? 
20.	The only Native American to appear on U.S. paper currency? 
"The One & Only Quiz!! 
1.         The Bloodhound 		11.        Treason 

2.         Antarctica 			12.        Patent Leather 

3.         Strawberry 			13.        Venus 

4.         Alaska 			14.        An Identical Twin 

5.         Marie Curie 			15.        Australia 

6.         Hop-a-long Cassidy 		16.        Elephant 

7.         Richard Nixon 		17.        Elephant 

8.         French Foreign Legio		18.        Banjo 

9.         Ants 				19.        Queue 

10.       Cheetah 			20.        Pocahontas 


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