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United States Approves New Radiation Treatment For Cancer Tumors

 LIVERMORE, California (AP) - Scientists at America's Lawrence
Livermore National Laboratory are using nuclear weapons
technology to help doctors do a better job of targeting cancer
with radiation treatment.  The system, approved by U.S.
regulators last month, was formally announced Friday by Energy
Secretary Bill Richardson.


Silicone Implants Not Linked To Risk Of Developing Breast Cancer

(ACS NewsToday) - A study of more than 13,000 women who had
silicone breast implants found they had no more risk of breast
cancer in the following 10-plus years than women without
implants, according to researchers publishing in the November
2000 issue of the journal Cancer Causes and Control.


Senate Approves Breast Cancer Bill

WASHINGTON (AP) - Uninsured women who rely on the government for
breast or cervical cancer screening could get federally funded
treatment under a bill approved Wednesday by the Senate.


Clinical Trials: An Alternative For Women With Breast Cancer

(ACS NewsToday) - Clinical trials are designed to help us find
out if a new treatment is safe and effective.  Before new cancer
treatments can be made widely available, they must prove to be
safe and effective in scientific studies with a certain number of
patients.  Each patient who participates in a clinical trial
provides information on the effectiveness and risks of the new


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