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Do you have a true love for the game?

"Golf is a game you dig out of the dirt for yourself." Ben Hogan. You can dramatically improve your golf game by...

Dramatically improve your golf game - have the right tools - learn where to dig!

Introducing the fastest growing email golf newsletter on the planet - and it's FREE!
The Golf Newsletter is emailed to thousands of golfers around the globe each week.
The Newsletter features: NEWS, COLUMNS and DISCOUNTS any true golfer like yourself does
not want to miss, including:

**Tips, techniques and instruction from PGA Professionals and Nationally-known Golf Instructors
who have devoted their lives to golf and charge hundreds of dollars EVERY-DAY for the same
information in person.

**Up to date golf news from around the globe!

**Golf vacation packages to beautiful courses around the world!

**Special offers from Titleist, Callaway, etc!

**Golf Course properties around the world.

The Golfers Newsletter was created with the golfer/consumer in mind. As golfers we make up a consumer group that advertisers market to (and they pay for the distribution of this FREE newsletter). The founders of this newsletter created the newsletter in order to build a large consumer group who can negotiate deals for itself on all kinds of products and services related to our hobby. Because we represent a large percentage of the golfing population, we can negotiate with the big companies for discounts that the singular golfer could not obtain.

This newsletter is absolutely FREE and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Claim for yourself, just like millions of other golfers, that you truly love the game of golf and want to be part of a group devoted to improving the quality of the game.

90% of golfers are like passengers on the Titanic...
having a great time and iceberg scores.
Warm your game, lower your scores...Say YES I'm subscribing now!!

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