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[MOL] Motovational.....Planning for Battle

Planning for Battle
by: by: Michael Guthrie, R. Ph.

One of my favorite movies is Braveheart, starring Mel Gibson. There are many lessons one can learn from watching this movie, but one in particular applies to the cancer context. It is this: fighting battles is tough, it takes courage; it takes tenacity, but it is better to die fighting than to acquiesce to the hopelessness of despair. And, many that choose to fight win.

Planning for battle requires education. For the cancer patient, this means learning all you can about every weapon possible, and then choosing the weapons and strategies that seem right for you. Remember that you must live with the consequences. It is your life. One of the great failures of modern Western Medicine is that the paradigm has become 'treating the disease' rather than 'treating the patient'. I spoke with one lady recently who had been diagnosed with a metastatic cancer in which she was given no hope for survival. The story of how she was handled by a particular practitioner was as sad as her diagnosis. She told me that she received a letter from a specialist advising her that hers was a 'very interesting case', but unfortunately one in which she had no chance of survival. This was not 'an interesting case' for the poor patient. It was her death sentence. Hopefully, most practitioners are more sensitive than this.

Making informed choices, and accepting responsibility for the outcome takes courage. This is not meant to imply that patients should make uneducated or reckless choices. What it does mean is that it is your life, and that you must be empowered to make the right choice for you. No one else should have the right to do that whether they are an oncologist, a naturalist, or a complementary physician. Unfortunately, many choose to give away the future to 'experts' and therefore quit participating in their own healing.

Anne Frähm, in her book, Cancer Battle Plan, describes what can happen when one turns their lives over to the experts. Five months before experiencing excruciating back pain; she was told that lumps in her breast (that she had discovered) were benign. It turned out that her cancer was not only in her spine, but also in her head, shoulder, ribs and pelvic bone. Anne realized it was time for her to take ownership.

In Anne's case, she took advantage of every possible traditional means available. Radical surgery, chemotherapy, and bone marrow transplants were all used in her fight. They all failed to stop her cancer. The cancer was again invading her entire body. Her oncologist believed she was doomed when she returned from bone marrow transplant with cancer still in her bone marrow.

Five years later a test done by an oncologist revealed no sign of cancer in her body. How could this be possible? We'll be exploring that in the next few articles, hitting the high points of Anne's story, but you are greatly encouraged to visit our bookstore and order Cancer Battle Plan.

Anne's plan consists of 6 steps. They are:
  • Know your enemy.
  • Cut off enemy supply lines.
  • Rebuild your natural defense systems.
  • Bring in reinforcements.
  • Maintain morale.
  • Carefully select your professional help.

    In the meanwhile, hang in there. Have a BraveHeart!

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