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Re: [MOL] Update and Prayer request/reply


Last thing I wanted to answer that you had addressed.  MDS cannot be treated 
with chemo prior to a certain stage.  There is a great deal of research going 
on at this very moment regarding TX. of MDS prior to it becoming AML.  The 
thought is why can't some form of chemo be given prior to it being necessary, 
 at a precautionary.  A Clinical Study is in the very early stages -= not 
even open yet-to possible try this.  The MDS convention in January (I think) 
discussed this.

Our oncologist said the problem treating MDS prior to transition is that 
chemo does not work well on leukemic cells.  In fact, no treatment is known 
to work in all cases.  The type of chemicals an oncologist uses is experience 
from the past, new availability, the individual patient and a little bit of 
luck (AND PRAYER).  The chemo weakens the patient and can cause serious if 
not fatal effects, therefore, they tend to wait until the patients turns 
toward the worse.

I know this is not very clear.  I hope this answers your question a little.

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