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[MOL] Hello All !

I'm home !  Stanford went great this morning !  They made the nifty little 
mask for the FRS and yes it has holes to breathe through !  LOL   Then they 
took a new CT Scan & I was out of there by 10:30 !  Went & met Kathy for 
lunch ... it was so nice to meet her !   Then drove back to San Jose & flew 
home.  Got home around 6 ... I'm checking e-mails & heading for bed early 
.... I'm beat !!!  Stanford will let me know Thursday or Friday when 
treatment will start .. we are hoping for Monday so we can leave Saturday for 
the trip.  Hubby coming on this trip !  After looking at the CT Scan, she 
thought perhaps 4 or 5 days of treatment.  And for the good news ...  I get 
to keep the mask for halloween !!!  LOL

Hoping you all had a great week ...

Love ya !
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