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Re: [MOL] Update and Prayer request/reply

Okay Pauli:

So I will be late for my hair appointment.  I felt compelled to finish what I 
started regarding your dad.  First off I am so sorry the road is having some 
additional bumps in it due to non supportive family.  To answer your question 
(briefly-my hair is a disaster) the blood type is not relevant when having a 
donor match.  The haplotype make up has nothing to do with our blood type.  
Getting tested is a matter of having some blood drawn.  I am surprised his 
brothers will not do that.  There is only a 25% chance they will match so a 
decision does not have to be made until the results come back.  One to two 
weeks.  Has your dad been typed????  Get those and go to the National Donor 
Registry.  But first you have to get him in a facility which can take care of 
him.  I know.... easier said than done....  No need to get yourself or your 
sister tested.  First, there are steps which need to be taken before that 
becomes an option.  One day at a time.  Second, testing yourself is like 
getting a needle from a haystack.  There are over 3 million donors in the 
registry and a facility , like Moffitts, can check into that on their 
computer.  I am on the list.

Okay, now I am REALLY late.

All for now.

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