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Re: [MOL] Pauli/platelets

Mornin' Pauli:

This must be brief, I will write more later regarding MDS treatment.  Do not 
worry about the amount of platelets and blood products your dad is receiving 
as of yet.  Hard to believe but this is normal.  It may takes weeks for  your 
dad  to recover and start producing himself.  My dad was told he will be 
receiving blood for up to 6 months after the transplant.

The big concern is having "our Als" develop  an antibody or getting iron 
overload.  But don't worry about something which may not happen.  Look at the 
website from MDS.  It will answer many of these questions for you.

Right now consider it a wonderful blessing that medicine has progressed so 
our dads CAN receive platelets and blood.

Have a Great Day.
A big cyber{{{{hug}}}}}} to you.
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