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[MOL] Targeted Bizz-Opp Email Leads Boost Sales 1500% #73EC

Dear Fellow Online Entrepreneur,

Are you trying to sell ice to Eskimos? NO? Are you sure? You may 
think that you're not, but if your ads aren't reaching your 
target market then you might as well be! There's no way you'll
reach your full sales potential unless you're selling to your 
target market!

Before you start worrying that all of your marketing efforts 
have been for nothing, listen closely! We know that you probably 
get an occasional sale or two, but how would you like to use 
one concept that will REALLY kick your sales into overdrive?  
This concept is not a new one, but it can and WILL BENEFIT you a 
great deal.

If you are involved in MLM, if you work at home or are involved in
business opportunities then you need to TARGET business opportunity
seekers and homeworkers. 
This sounds simple enough, but do you really know how to seek out 
these individuals? Do you know where to find the people that want
to hear about the opportunity that you have to offer them? NO? You
really don't know ... don't worry ... WE DO!!!! We've been finding
these people for over 3 years ... it's all we do!

Our company SPECIALIZES in seeking out and finding individuals who
are interested in the work at home and business opportunity field.
These are AMAZING LEADS that can boost your PROFITS by thousands 
of dollars, virtually overnight! We don't sell lists for anything 
else because specialization ensures that we find only the highest 
quality leads available!

Our e-mails lists are the MOST AFFORDABLE you will find for 
deliverable, current, fresh, opportunity seekers anywhere on the
net! We have high quality standards! We clean our lists on a DAILY
basis so your message only gets to people who are in your target 
market! This is not an opt-in list, but few are. What this list is
however, is the BEST opportunity for you to make hundreds or even
thousands of sales! 

Just imagine, if you used our BEST LIST containing over 235,000 
targeted leads, with just a 1% response rate, you would make well 
over 2350 SALES! That's simply amazing!

Get Started Now! Visit One Of Our Websites! 


********* NEW LIST JUST RELEASED 10/2/2000 *********

10,000 business opportunity e-mail addresses - $25.00
25,000 business opportunity e-mail addresses - $35.00
50,000 business opportunity e-mail addresses - $65.00
100,000 business opportunity e-mail addresses - $85.00

************ ULTIMATE MONEY SAVING DEAL! *************  

235,000 business opportunity e-mail addresses - $99.00

Thanks for your valuable time!
The List Source

P.S. This is a limited time offer! We refuse to oversell our lists
because our reputation means too much to us. If you want in on this
deal you must act now!

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