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Hi, Maureen.  If your friend's onc says she will lose her hair, I'm
afraid she will.  This is my second time around on chemo and, so far, I
haven't lost all my hair but the little hair that remains is so
unattractive I'd just as soon be bald.  Using an ice cap to try to
prevent hair loss doesn't work.  It was given a good try some years ago
but to this day, there doesn't seem to be any way to retain enough hair
to matter.  However, as someone said to me...look at the alternative.

If your friend is lucky enough to live near a cancer center, they will
be able to help her find attractive head coverings.  It's also possible
to get payment for all or part of the one-time cost of a good wig from
Medicare if her onc writes a prescription saying a prosthetic device is
required for morale purposes.  Her cancer center will be able to supply
the correct wording.

One of my friends flaunts her bare head as a badge of honor but that's
not for me.  I have to wear a kerchief or a knit cap to feel comfortable
in public.

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