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Re: [MOL] Reply to Bone Marrow Testing


Welcome to our wonderful forum.  None of us are doctors or anything, but we 
have done a lot of personal research because either we, or someone we love 
has been diagnosed with cancer.  My nephew has been diagnosed with acute 
myeloid leukemia and is waiting for a bone marrow donor match.  Here are some 
of the web sites I found:

 <A HREF="">National Marrow Donor 
Program - Steps on Becoming a Donor</A>
 <A HREF="">
 <A HREF="">Blood & Marrow Transplant 
 <A HREF="">The Bone Marrow Foundation</A>

You might also try and type in the question you want answered.  
Jeeves has been very helpful in my search for information to fight my fear! 

Good luck my friend.  My thoughts and prayers will be with you.

Warmly,  Kathy Q
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