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[MOL] Visitors in Orlando

It is exciting that some of you are going to be getting together in Orlando.
Sure wish that I could join you! Three years ago a small group of us got
together in New York and I still remember that get-together so well.  It is
always funny to meet our MOL friends.  We will just be back from a trip to
Ireland, England, Scotland, and Wales, so another trip so soon must be out
of the question.  We leave this Thursday and get home on the 26th.  I was
wondering where in England David Whipple  lives.  Does anyone know?  I
haven't seen him on here for awhile, but I was curious about whether we will
be anywhere near his home while we are gone.

Sure hope and pray that all of you will stay well while we are gone (and
looooonnnnggg after that,too)!  I will try to catch up on my mail when we
get back.

Mary Ann 
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