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Re: [MOL] Update and Prayer request/reply


I think Lillian said it right.  Be very careful and enter through the back 
door.  Is your Mom and dad open to reading information on Moffit Hospital?  
The site I sent you indicates it is one of the top 25 in the country.  Why 
not take advantage of it?  I contacted the hospital prior to my dads approval 
and found out what is necessary for the consultation.  Maybe if you did this 
and were able to explain what is necessary for the visit, some of the unknown 
will be answered.  Another weird thing I did was pull up the doctors picture 
and his credentials from the hospitals web site for my dad and family.  It 
really helped us to feel comfortable knowing some background prior to the 

Regarding transplants.  First off, has your dads siblings been teasted?  How 
about yourself and any brothers or sisters you may have?  My brother is a 
perfect 6/6 match!!! Less than a 5% chance of that.  Based on your dads age I 
am assuming a stem-cell transplant is his only option.   Ask me any question 
regarding this and I shall reply.  I have researched this so much that I 
could fill pages for you.  JUST ASK.  Why is there no donor?  Dis you check 
the National donor registry?

Regarding using his own stem cells.  Unfortunately , not an option for AML 
patients.  The reason is  their cancer IS in the stem cell, therefore it 
would be almost impossible for the doctors to harvest enough normal cells to 
give the patient back.  
Fist goal is to get your dad strong and in remission.  Learning to live day 
by day with cancer is so difficult but a necessity.

Take care my friend and keep being aggressive.

One last note.  My dad's name is Al too...... Do you think we were meant to 
connect via cyber????

Your friend-

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