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Re: [MOL] Non Small Cell Lung Cancer (Adenocarcinoma) Stage IIIB with a Malig...

My father was 75 when he was diagnosed with NSCLC - squamous cell carcinoma.

Now he is 77 and after a 6 mo respite, the cancer has returned and he is 
again undergoing chemo: taxotere and gemzar.  Orig. started with taxotere and 
carboplatin but that caused internal bleeding.  After 6 mos chemo and 6 wks 
radiation the tumor (if it existed at that time) was invisible on tests.

I understand what a frightening - no terrifying time this is for your father 
and you.  But don't give up hope; medicine is better than ever nowadays and 
prayers can get you places you never thought you'd walk.  God bless you both. 
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