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Re: [MOL] adenoid cystic carcinoma /REPLY to Lisa

Thank you, Lillian.  You mentioned that you were surprised the cancer spread 
so quickly.  Actually, my symptoms have been so "vague" that I probably went 
for years without being taken seriously, even by myself.  The only reason the 
lung mass was found was by chest x-ray, as a precaution.  The initial tumor 
was found after I got sick and tired of being sick and tired of constant 
chronic sinusitis.  One side of my nose was obstructed by inflammation by the 
time I found an ENT that would see me without a referral, and he noticed the 
neoplasm while correcting my deviated septum and removing inflamed tissue.  I 
wish you luck with your possible tumor, and will keep you in my prayers.  
And, yes, the hospital I am traveling to is excellent, but I think their 
expertise is in radiation, and not necessarily a cancer center as such.  
After the radiation round, I may look in to a more multidisciplinary type of 
center, like MD Anderson.
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