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5  References to Cantron, B-17, Laetrile, and othe rcomplementary cancer therapies
Apricot Kernels Vitamin B17 (Laetrile) Alpha Factor (Colostrum) Electrolyte Formula (Cantron) Hydrazine Sulfate Capsules The 7 Important Cancer Facts Megazyme Forte Tabs OPC's-165mg.capsules Shark Liver Oil Protocol - Proper Use Recommended Reading

6  The Origins of Entelev, Cancell and Cantron
By Jerome Godin, president Medical Research Products Every day our office is asked to explain the difference between Entelev, Cancell and our own Cantron. Entelev is the original formula of James V. Sheridan, a chemist and researcher from Michigan. He

7  Cancer Testimonies from survivors using Cantron, B-17, Amygdalin, and Shark Liver Oil
The 7 Important Cancer Facts Bolstering the Immune System Alpha Factor (Colostrum) Protocol - Proper Use Hydrazine Sulfate Capsules Apricot Kernels Cantron-Electrolyte Formula OPC's-165mg. Capsules Shark Liver Oil Megazyme Forte Tabs Recommended Reading

8  New Millenium Cantron Label
Our guarantee." Jerome Godin, President Manufactured by: Medical Research Products 3960 N.W. 167th St. Miami, FL 33015 (305) 628-0981 (800) 443-3030 Fax: (305) 628-0981

9  Cantron Electrolyte Formula
Cantron is a unique nutritional formulation containing vitamins, minerals and a proprietary blend of organic compounds. Vitamins: trace amounts of the B vitamin Inositol. Minerals: Copper, Sodium and Potassium. Proprietary blend of organic compounds

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please imform me where i can buy cantron
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