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Inez, I know at this moment your heart is heavy and great sadness is yours.  I promise you one thing, there are miracles, we see them every day on our forum.  Please do not give up hope.  There are more people today living with cancer than dying with cancer. 
Are you speaking of the Mayo Clinic out West, or the one in Florida?  The one out West is highly recommended; so that would mean that the first right step has been taken.  The best cancer center possible, where all treatments are available.
This is a serious cancer friend, no denying that; but not incurable.  The therapy they are recommending is good and has had some very good success with melanoma.  I am merely expressing my opinion of what I am reading on the net while researching.  I am also reading much about P-53 which is also in trials and the success it is having.  Please know that the first chemo treatment is not always the one that will work; so if it doesn't for some reason ask about P-53, gene therapy.  I will be praying for you and your son and hope that you will stay and chat with us.  A lot of medical information goes across our forum line (35 mim. a week).  Warmly, your friend, lillian
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Subject: [MOL] Node positive melanoma

My son was recently diagnosed at Mayo Clinic with invasive melanoma to Clark's Level III.  They injected radioactive dye into the melanoma site and removed two lymph nodes that dyed blue.  One of the nodes tested positive for malignancy.  They are now encouraging him to go into an experimental interfuron treatment program.  He would recieve infusions of interfuron 5 days per week for 4 continuous weeks.
We are looking for any information and ideas regarding the decision which lies before us.  Thank you for any information you may be able to provide.