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[MOL] How about a get together in Orlando?

Hi fellow MOLers.  

I'm going to be in Orlando in November on business.  Lillian and Chuck are 
going to drive down so we can meet.  We were wondering if there are any 
MOLers in the area who'd like to join us for a potluck BBQ on Thursday, 
November 16 at around 1 p.m. or so.  I'll be staying at the Marriott Grand 
Vista and the condo has a full kitchen, etc. for last minute preparation.  
Also there are pools and stuff near the BBQ area.  Kids are welcome!  I'll 
need to get an idea of how many adults and how many kids will be coming.

Here's a link to the resort so you can see where it is and what it looks like.

 <A HREF="http://www.vacationclub.com/sales/rd/gv/resort.asp">Marriott's 
Grande Vista - Resort</A> 

Rather than use the MOL distribution list for making all the arrangements, 
please email me directly at:    qksk@aol.com     if you are interested.

It would be wonderful to meet as many of you as can make it!

Your friend, Kathy Q
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