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[MOL] Update and Prayer request

I wanted to thank everyone who has been praying for (Al) my dad !!!  Our
prayers have not gone unanswered!!  He is slowly making progress.  He has
been in ICU all week.  The leisions in his mouth and throat have finally
started to heal (thank you lord!!!) and he is able to eat a LITTLE!!!  They
still do not know if he is working on his own, or if it is the platelets
they are giving him, his white count is up though.  We are hopeful.  The Dr.
says that tomorrow should be the golden day of truth.... pray all his counts
are still up.  MAYBE, if he keeps eatting and stuff they may be able to let
him come home within the week.  We have had SO much trouble with this
Hospital and the staff that I have been having FITS!!!!  I want him to go to
Moffit (Tampa, FL) when he gets out of here.  My mother commented that the
Dr. had said that he isn't a Fan of Moffits.  He told my mom and dad that
they have a high mortality rate.  I am just speechless at that comment.  For
goodness sakes, it is a CANCER Instititue!!!  I am quite sure that their
mortality rate is higher than a normal hospital.  It would only stand to
reason to me!!!   AM I WRONG??? Please someone tell me if I am.  I guess I
need to do some serious research and see what our options are!  Can anyone
give me any suggestions for convincing them to take him to Moffit?  I just
want him to have the best, I don't want to lose him!!!
I am also sorry to say, that even if he goes into remission, that he has no
donors for a bone marrow transpant.  I have read a little about when they
use their own marrow for replanting (?) but I don't know if that is an
option or not.  I guess we will cross that bridge when we come to it!!!

Thank you again!!!

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