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Re: [MOL] Chris! Something fishy!

It did sound odd Lillian; which is one reason I sent it. I get 2 recipes 
mailed to me everyday, but when there's one that sounds either esp good or 
esp different, I try to share it.

I'm still hanging in here, Lillian; trying to adjust to the shock of MORE 
chemo for my poor Dad.  And praying, praying, praying.  Making perogies for 
him tonight and tomorrow. Made the filling tonight and dough tomorrow to take 
there on Sunday.  He isn't too sick yet from the chemo so I'm hoping he can 
enjoy them.  He really likes them - said they taste like my Grandmother's and 
remind him of her cooking when he was a kid.  They should remind him of her - 
SHE taught me to make them.  She was the BEST cook - old German, 
Depression-type stuff that tastes great and hardens your arteries as you 
swallow! :)  Actually, can't be too bad; she lived to 90 with very very 
little health problems.  I still think the only reason she died was that she 
gave up and wanted to be with my Grandpop and others that had already gone 
before her (most had).

My father was sick this morning, but felt a little better as the day went on. 
 He gets the 1/2 hr chemo this coming Monday and that's the one that is 
REALLY hard on him! It's the one that caused internal bleeding the last chemo 
cycle, about a year ago.  So I hope his appetite is still good on Sunday, 
because next week it won't be.  It causes really bad backaches for him too.  
I sometimes think the treatment is just as brutal as the cancer itself.  But 
if it works, it's worth it.  If not, it isn't.  -chris
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