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[MOL] Timing is Crucial!!

"THE NEXT BIG THING"  Fortune Magazine Dec. 20, 1999
"Fortunes are being made on the internet NOW!"

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,
Your name was forwarded to me as someone who is serious about launching a home based business.  I'm looking for some ambitious people who want to be at the right place at the right time and profit on the fastest growing industry on the planet.  This industry is virtually exploding right now, and its growth is being documented in every business publication around the globe.  We are teaching average people how to generate better than average income, and above average people to create financial independence for themselves and their families.  Its HUGE!  I am just looking for a few key individuals who have some drive and some energy, and are serious about looking at a supplemental or even life-changing income in addition to what they're currently generating for themselves.  Call (212) 796-6009 for a two minute recorded overview of this incredible opportunity.  I look forward to speaking with you soon and have an awesome day!
See you at the top,

"In the internet age there's no greater risk than being left behind."  Newsweek

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