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[MOL] adenoid cystic carcinoma

Hi, my name is Lisa.  I was diagnosed with adenoid cystic carcinoma of the 
sphenoid sinus (primary) a little over a month ago.  Found out this week that 
it has metastized (sp?) to my lung.  I am still waiting for radiation 
treatment from the inital diagnosis, and will need to travel across the 
country for proton beam radiation because the original tumor is located 
around my optic nerve.  Does anyone know if radiation is also used for the 
lung at the same time, or is it unlikely to have radiation in two places on 
my body at once?  From what I understand, there are no clear indications that 
chemotherapy will benefit this particular cancer, but radiation has a good 
success rate when the cancer has not spread.  Also, I think probably the next 
step will be to see if it has also spread to bones.  How is this determined, 
and should I request a test to see if there is indication that is is in bones 
yet?  Thanks for any information.
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