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[MOL] Bad Credit? Refinacing with Minimum Credit Requir

If you are looking for home financing, but do not have perfect credit you may be able to qualify for our Home Buyers Assistance Program if you can answer these few questions:
1) Do you have a home selected that you would like to purchase? 
____YES____ NO
2) Is the home being sold by an individual owner rather then a broker? _____YES ____ NO
3) Do you have at least 10% down payment towards the purchase? _______ YES_____ NO
4) Have you been employed at least 3 years? 
 _____ YES  _____ NO

If you answered YES to all four of the above questions, then you meet the preliminary qualifications for our program. If you are ready to get into this home NOW, without getting the usual bank or mortgage company runaround, complete the information below and fax it to us at 603-299-6177. A representative will respond to you within 48 hours with details on how we can get you into that home you want (U S residents only).


Name__________________________________ Home Phone_________________
Best Time To Call______AM/PM
Work Phone _________________________
City,ST, Zip _______________________________________
email address________________________
Employers Name ______________________ Occupation____________________ Years Employed________
Annual Income  $______________________
SS #_____---____---_______
Address of Home to be purchased__________________________________
Purchase Price $__________________________ Amount Availible for Down Payment


P.I.B. Group Inc.
"Making Business Happen"
17440 Dallas Parkway
Suite 109
Dallas,TX 75287
972-267-2635 phone


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