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[MOL] Dad's chemo

Daddy has gone back to lower dose weekly txs as he didn't like side effects of the lrger dose. He's planning on taking a break (his decision) at end of this month-Dr is OK with that. First it was 1 month break now he's saying 3 mos. I know it's so he won't have to get out in winter mos which makes his asthma worse. They will do monthly x-ray to keep eye on cancer while he's  "on break". I just wondered  what some of your opinions are on this. He's been on chemo, mostly weekly, since Feb and I think partly he's tired of it---he says "I'm full  up on chemo". I will not try to change his mind- at 81 yrs he has the right to make any decision he wants but I'm just curious what any of you think or any experience anyone has had with "taking a break". Thanks. Pat Kimmi-KS