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Re: [MOL] Tired

Hi, Tom:  I'm sorry your brother is experiencing fatique.  I went through 
treatment for sclc in the fall of 1997 and winter of 1998, and received 
Taxol, Carboplatin, Taxotere, Cisplatin, and VP-16.  I did everything I could 
think of to combat the fatique it caused, but I finally just rode it out.  I 
did take vitamins (the doctor prescribed, of course), and drank Ensure, but 
mostly, I just slept.  I believe the tiredness is a natural side effect of 
this assault on the body.  Although unpleasant, it eventually subsides after 
the treatment is over, and I never felt it got so bad it was dangerous.  Hope 
I've helped even a little bit.  Keep the faith.

Kathy in Idaho
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