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Re: [MOL] Carol O.

Congratulations Carol,
How did it happen though? I want what your having? I would like to increase 
my life span. Not sure if Aromacin is the thing to take. I have bone mets in 
sternum and iliac crest of L hip. They are still testing to see if there mets 
elsewhere like brain or liver. I wish it wouldn't take so long. I still have 
2 weeks to wait for tests to find out. Wish it didn't take so long, I feel 
that time is precious. Can I get some feedback as to other treatment options 
out there besides this hormone blocker (Aromacin) I had 4 rounds of chemo 2 
years ago , and radiation Almost exactly 2 years from date of original 
diagnosis of invasive ductal carcinoma. I would like feedback from you Carol 
on how you arrived at decision on how to treat your mets. Or anyone else for 
that matter.   Shari
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