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Hi Tonia,

You are right about being greatful for the 5 months of remission.  He is 
healthier now than he has been in over a year.  In high school football and 
wrestling were his passions and he has always been very concerned about 
physical health.  So these past 5 months have been a real blessing that have 
let him rebuild a lot of strength.

He is a candidate for a BMT but not a stem cell transplant.  At this point 
his bone marrow is too junked up (not a medical term!) for a stem cell 
transplant to be an option.  

He and his wife Wendy (a truly amazing young woman) both have very strong 
faith and belong to a wonderful church that has been there for him in every 
way since he was diagnosed.  Those of you who know me from my posts before 
know I am very casual about religion in general, but have become a big 
believer in the power of prayer.  When I read MOL messages, even if I don't 
respond individually, I add my prayers for strength and support to my fellow 
MOLers as we all ride this roller coaster of living with cancer.  And yes... 
the toughest thing is learning how to live with cancer.  It can be so 
exhausting with all the ups and downs.  But that is the beauty of this forum.

One other thing I wanted to mention... in spite of Tommy's youth he has 
taught me more about grace under fire than anyone else in my 49 years of 
life.  I will pray for your dad, you and your family that all turns out well 
with his transplant.   This forum is lucky to have you and so is your dad!

Warmly, Kathy Q
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