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Re: [MOL] FRS ... getting nervous ! Lillian !

Thank you Lillian.  It is so nice to have you in my corner !  I have just 
finished with all the reservations tonight.  Air & rental car I made last 
weekend, with tentative hotel reservation.  I was on a waiting list for the 
Hotel California ... too funny, huh ?  It is a B&B that the lady at Stanford 
said was really nice.  Well, they called me at work this morning .. just had 
a reservation !  So I booked it, came home & cancelled the old Best Western.  
Those were all for the treatment planning day.   And tonight I found a Howard 
Johnson in San Francisco for $89 / night with lots of good old amenities ... 
including the necessary refer & microwave ... so I can put those finishing 
touches on the morning's nuking !  LOL  The treatments will be in the morning 
early, so if I feel well enough I would love to spend afternoons & evenings 
with the hubby strolling SF. Hoping I'm not dragging a barf bag & a pillow 
with me !   How romantic that would be!  Of course the thought of not talking 
for an hour a day is pretty scarry !   LOL

Love you lots !
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