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Re: [MOL] FRS ... getting nervous ! Rose Carol Respon....

Yes, I have been counting the days with you and with each day I notice my
prayers get more demanding....I regret to tell you that your mask will cover
your mouth not permitting you to talk.  Now that is a tough one Carol; as
those nurses and doctors talk about some hot and heavy things that you will
want to join in on.  Imagine you won't even be able to laugh at their jokes.
I feel so badly for you!  Believe this and I will tell you another!  LOL!

Side effects, perhaps some fatigue and feeling brain fuzzy, forgot your
always like that....  Oh I jest with you too much friend.

Boy, I know your nervous, I count your LOL'S and this is how I know what
degree you are nervous.

Girlfriend, just keep on smiling no matter what, because you are going to be
a winner, well your already a winner, I mean more of a winner.  The only
advice I have for you is to keep your hands to yourself and tell them they
better do a good job or there will be hundreds of MOLERS to come beat them
up.  Intimidation works every time.  Good luck friend, enjoy S.F., and do
let us know how it all went for you.  Love you, lillian

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