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[MOL] your logo/art webstore adv


I  found your email address on a page you posted @ http://www.meds.com/archive/mol-cancer/1999/03/msg.

     Thought you might be interested in this!

You can now offer your visitors high quality logo merchandise featuring your art.

We will set up your store, link it to your site,take the order, notify you via email,

create the product, ship it and send you 1/2 the money!

or you can use your secret code and order for yourself at 50% off NO MINIMUM NO  ART CHARGE

PURE PROFIT get your store up and start promoting yoursite  this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   

Visit a sample store or to sign up go to http:// www.epromo7.com  SAVE $99.00 set up charge, sign up this month!!!!!!!!

1 877 564 6636

k 9-30

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