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[MOL] Nail Trimming

eHow to Trim a Dog's Nails by Shelly Bellamy  
Your dog's nails should just touch the ground when she walks. If her nails 
are clicking on the floor or getting snagged in the carpet, it's time for a 
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1. Choose the type of clippers to use. This depends on the size of your dog, 
the thickness of her nails and how often they'll need trimming. ( Image a.) 
2. Make sure the clippers are sharp. Pliers-type clippers work well.  
3. Start at the tip of the nail and snip a little at a time. When you can see 
a little bit of moisture, stop clipping. ( Image b.) 
4. Avoid cutting into the quick, which is located inside the nail and 
composed of blood vessels. The best way to avoid this is to trim your dog's 
nails regularly so that you remove only tiny amounts of nail at a time, 
making it easier to avoid the quick. (Longer nails mean longer quicks.)  
5. Be careful when cutting dark nails because the quick is difficult to see.  
6. Dab styptic powder, flour or cornstarch onto the cut if the quick is 
accidentally cut and bleeds.  
7. Avoid wiping the blood clot off the tip of the nail once the bleeding has 
8. Give your pet some treats after trimming.  
9. Trim nails once or twice a month. The quick will lengthen if you don't 
trim the nail regularly, and long nails can cause traction problems or become 
ingrown. ( Image c.) 
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 If you have not cut your dog's nails since she was a puppy or you're 
uncomfortable with the task, ask your veterinarian or groomer to demonstrate 
proper nail trimming or do it for you.  
 You can use a Dremel tool for larger dogs, if your pet can tolerate 
vibrations. However, be very cautious, or you could injure yourself or the 
 Guillotine-type clippers are less effective for thicker nails. 
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