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My dads average stay is 21-28 days during chemo treatment. He is coming home 
today!!!!  Day 22 after this last bout. His WBC is up to 1.5 and his ANC is 
.8( the ANC is your absolut neutrphil count).  This is the part of your white 
blood cells that actually do the fighting of infection in our body.  Your 
dads nurse should have his counts posted on a board in his room daily.  If 
this is not happening - insist on it.  You need to be aware of his counts, 
when they give him blood and platelets and why.  I question everything!!!!  
Regarding the sores in the mouth.  It happened to my dad too.  Putting ginger 
on his food seemed to make it more appealing.  Apparently chemo really wipes 
out their taste for food.  Another chemo patient suggested ginger and it 
seemed to help  A LITTLE.   Has your dad been able to exercise much?  Even a 
few times around the ward is beneficial.  Also, how much weight has he lost?  
My dad lost 40 pounds total.  Not that bad.  He has gained back 2 so far....

Another suggestion , if you don't already do this,  bring food from home.  
Just make sure you follow the guidelines for a neutrapenic patient.  We are 
Italian and my dad loves homemade pasta and certain chicken dishes.  Home 
made soup is great on the thoat.  Any conveniences that can help him feel "at 
home" will increase his attitude to be more positive.  

One thing I do when I am with my dad is that I do not dwell on his illness, 
like my mom, instead I talk with him like I did prior to  this setback we are 
in.  We talk about my kids, his  stocks, etc...

No matter what the doctors says try to be upbeat!!  Never break down in front 
of him.  I remember when the doctor told us that the first round of chemo 
didn't work. I had a big smile on my face and said to my dad and the doctor, 
Okay, fine, what do we do next???  When I left the room I cried more than I 
have ever cried in my life.  My faith in God has kept me close  to HIM and I 
know that everything will be okay.  I cherish my time with my dad more than 
ever.  Sometimes I just lay next to him and cuddle like I did when I was a 
little girl.  the other day I went to kiss him goodbye and he bent his head 
down so I can kiss his bald spot (now all of his head is bald) just like I 
have done for the past 37 years, but this time our eyes met and we both had 
tears.  Cherish your moments with him.

I don't mean to lecture or sound so mushy - I guess I am in one of those 
I have kept a sign posted in my car and on my fridge for the past 4 or 5 
years that says...  MAKE MEMORIES...   More than ever I live by those words.

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