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[MOL] Accept Credit Cards - Free Setup 2539

Title: Quick Application


Easily accept major credit cards right away!

Act now and all Setup & App. fees waived

Merchant Status will help you increase sales by an
incredible 50% to 400%. Stop losing valuable sales!

With one phone call you can be:

Accepting all major credit cards!
Accepting checks over the net or by Fax!
Accepting real time processing for member sites!
Gaining costumer loyalty and trust!
Close the sale now. No more wondering if "The check
is in the mail"

We specialize in helping those entrepreneurs who
are just starting out: no credit, poor credit, or
even if you have great credit.

Almost everyone is approved!

For the next 5 days we will waive all Setup & App.
fees! (other companies charge $200 to $500 to set up)

Our 30 second application

Fill out this short form to receive your free information.

Or, call our courteous customer care reps Now at 800-561-3128.
Leave your Name, Phone Number and Best Time To Call.
1. Please enter your full name:
2. Please enter your phone number:

Home Work
3. What is the best time to phone you?
4. State or Province where you live?
5. Country where you live?
6. Please enter your email address:

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