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Your advice is very, very good... it ain't over til it's over!  My nephew was 
diagnosed with AML and MDS initially, and he had to go through two rounds of 
chemo for them to discover they had misdiagnosed the MDS... his bone marrow 
was so filled with junk they thought he had MDS.  His road has not been easy, 
but we are now a year into this thing and he has been in remission now for 
over 5 months (after one relapse).   He just turned 25 one week ago today and 
is the father of beautiful twin two and a half year old red-headed boys...  
He has much to live for and will.

Ask questions... research, ask this forum... where there is breath, there is 

My thoughts and prayers are with you and Pauli...

Your friend,  Kathy Q
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