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Re: [MOL] Myelo Dysplasia - Anyone!! Can you give me any INFO?

It's me again.  Two more things

It is not necessary to wear masks.  If your dad is neutrapenic than HE should 
wear the mask.  Apparently the mask can only keep the germs contained for a 
few minutes -- per our hospital nurse-and the mask is more beneficial for the 
patient to wear once he leaves the room.  Make sure you wash every time you 
leave the room and all will be okay.  The germs which will hurt you dad the 
most are his own -- bacteria, infection, fungus-these you cannot do anything 
to help him with.  As long as you and your family are in good health, don't 
wear all that stuff.  It may do your dad more harm than good 
-psychologically-  I HOPE I AM NOT OFFENDING YOU.

Regarding platelets and blood products.  My dads platelets stay around 9,000 
to 16,000.  He receives platelets often.  blood is also essential.

I am sending the MDS handbook for your reading.  Look for it.

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