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[MOL] Bridget- dog nails... :-)

One other thought, Bridget -- I know my concern is always the fear of cutting off too much. So you might want to cut conservatively at first, even if it takes a couple of tries to get it the right length. Just a thought, and good luck! Love, joicy

>Hi Joicy, Beav and everyone. After reading all your comments the one that 
>sticks most in my mind is the common sense approach. I've checked Sox's 
>nails and most of them are actually okay. But there's a couple that are 
>really long and one is starting to turn under. So it looks like I'm not off 
>the hook totally. I'm going to try this myself as he was really good 
>yesterday when I trimmed the hair around his toes and on the bottom of his 
>feet. But first I need the right trimmers and a steptic (spelling?) pencil 
>(to stop bleeding). Of course, the nails that need cutting are black so it's 
>a little more challenging.
>I can't thank you all enough for your help with this most important subject. 
>Sox is an only child and you how we can spoil and dote on them when there's 
>no others to share with. Thanks again.
>Your grateful friend,


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