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Re: [MOL] From Chris - prayer request

THANK YOU!  My sister and I were praying then too - even at my job, I stopped 
everything to pray.  Thank GOD my boss was out today!  Have to go to a 
retirment dinner at 4:00 which is an hour away.  I'm worried about that 
because my sister lives 1 1/2 hrs away in another direction!  I called and 
asked my ex-husband's wife (10 mins away) to PLEASE check in on them tonight. 
 After all, my stepmother IS her mother-in-law!  Anyway she promised she 
would at 4:30.  My sister is going to call them at 5:30.

Also last time my dad was on chemo he asked me to rewrite their phone list - 
he couldn't read it and Virginia was in the hosp.  I told him it would be 
more easily readable for him if I typed it on the computer and then changes 
would be better. Secretly I wanted a copy of all their emergency and other 
contact numbers.  I kept it in the computer and sent it to my sister last 
night.  So I think we are covered.  -chris
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