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[MOL] Liposuction for lymphedema......

Liposuction for Lymphedema

Oct. 2, 2000 (Ivanhoe Newswire) -- A procedure usually used for plastic surgery is helping people with the condition lymphedema. Lymphedema results in grossly swollen and painful limbs and loss of mobility. It affects 30-40 percent of women who have a surgery for breast cancer. Now, a treatment being done by a Swedish surgeon is helping.

Lymphedema results when lymph glands in the armpit are removed during surgery. The cancer is stopped from spreading, but lymph cannot drain away properly. Current treatment is manual lymph drainage and wearing a compression sleeve. Now, Haken Brorson is transforming the lives of his patients with liposuction. He uses a novel type of liposuction which removes the fatty tissue and accumulated lymph. Patients then have to wear a compression sleeve.

Dr. Brorson has performed the procedure on 64 patients. He says after two weeks the swelling was reduced by 72 percent. It improved to 98 percent reduction after one year. At six years of follow-up, the arm that was operated on tended to be smaller than the normal arm. In addition, the range of motion increased and discomfort decreased. Dr. Brorson points out the importance of continuing to wear the sleeve permanently to prevent the swelling from returning.

Dr. Brorson presented his work at the 2nd European Breast Cancer Conference

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