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[MOL] Here we go-o-o-o!

Hi, MOLers.  Haven't posted for a while because things have been moving
too fast.  Now come with me on a roller coaster ride into Cancerland:

July - routine CAT shows large shadow in left lung.  Attempts to biopsy,
including the dreaded bronchobiopsy, fail to show anything other than
mush.  August - Next CAT showed spread into a lymph node and spleen.
Docs convinced it's a return of SCLC which I was declared free of in
1997.  Low-dose chemo (once a week) is started with Taxol and

After seven weeks of chemo, I had an incident or flash blackout or
whatever and smashed my car on the way to the hospital.  No one hurt but
car totaled.    CAT scan showed cancer had now spread into the liver.
Docs ordered a brain scan and found two tumors, the largest about three
inches in diameter.  Chemo was stopped and radiation started late that
Friday afternoon.

Today, October 2nd, I'm starting on chemo again with Topotecan which
will be given daily for five days, then skipped for three or four weeks
and another course started.  Learned that it's okay for me to have both
chemo and radiation during the second week of radiation.  Still no
definitive diagnosis but I'll have to go along with the docs' best bet
that it's SCLC.

My brain has practically stopped functioning in the memory department
but one of my daughters has come to stay with me.  Memory is supposed to
come trickling back soon.

Otherwise I feel fine.


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