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[MOL] Coping with loss during the holidays......

Coping With Loss During the Holidays

During the holiday season, everywhere around us are sounds, smells and wishes of good cheer.  For many the holidays are time for family and joyful celebration.  But for some the holidays are more than we can bear.  The thought of cooking a holiday meal, attending a holiday party or celebrating holiday traditions only bring feelings of grief and loneliness.  How can those that have a loss feel like celebrating the holidays this season?

Joanetta Handel in her Ghosts of Christmas Past essay on GriefNet states " The key to surviving.... as a bereaved individual is flexibility and foresight.  It's important to plan ahead, and  it's important to anticipate the changes you will need to make.   Habit is easy, and it does take a little more effort to implement creative change in holiday planning.  But change and adjustment are essential for the newly bereaved."

The Hospice Foundation of America tells the bereaved to recognize the holidays will not be the same.  They also suggest that you should not isolate yourself.  Often the bereaved isolate themselves from friends and family during this time and feel they must bear their pain alone.  The HFA suggests you call friends and family and maybe use this time to reflect on the happier times or the special times with the deceased.

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