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Dear Judith, it is so amazing the messengers and little "love notes" God
sends our way when we're not expecting it, but just when we need it! the
neat thing is that he uses *us* to spread those blessings, just as you're
doing now. Keep your chin up friend, and know you're not in this alone. I'm
glad you got your fight back, and pray all goes well in coming treatments.
Love and prayers, Joicy
> Dear Di...
> I just tuned in to check the forum news and came across your appeal.   I am
> so very sorry that I cannot help with any clinical info concerning your dear
> son's condition...but, I just wanted to send my love to you and to him as
> from one Mom to another.   I will pray for you both and state emphatically
> PLEASE do not give up hope!!!!    I can't believe that just today when at
> our local farmer's market, a woman I did not know came up to me and asked if
> I been going through chemo (I guess my hat didn't conceal my totally bald
> pate)...when I replied that yes, I was actually in the middle of a chemo
> session, she continued to tell not to lose faith because she had brain
> cancer 4 years ago, was determined to be an almost hopeless case  and now is
> determined to be totally cancer free.   She did not go into any detail as to
> exactly what kind, etc. but seemed to be "sent to me" to share a message of
> not giving up.   I am totally blown away because physically I "look" okay
> and strong, etc. with the only telltale sign of anything being wrong is the
> bald thing ....but, in fact, I had quite a doubtful  week after last
> Monday's treatment and the feeling of defeat was still lingering before I
> met this "angel" today and now I am really feeling like taking on the big
> FIGHT again and will!!!
> So, I do want to pass on to you Di and to your son.....there is always
> help....there is always hope and there is always going to be understanding,
> compassion, hearts and souls to hold you and walk with you through this
> great challenge.
> Love,
> Judith t.

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